Still got questions? We have the answers

  1. How big can my luggage be?
    You can take everything with you that you can carry.
  2. What  do I need to pack?
    Skiing pants, Skiing Jacket, Goggles, Gloves, Costumes for the theme parties, Food for the train, Cash
  3. (Why) do I need Cash?
    Not all Restaurants take Card but there is an ATM in Zell am See where you can withdraw money.
  4. Where can I buy cheap Skiing clothes?
    Humana, Willhaben, Decathlon
  5. Do I need to know how to ski?
    No – there is a skiing course for beginners. Everyone can join the trip 🙂
  6. Should I bring food with me?
    For the first day – yes. We will be travelling half of the day and the grocery store in Zell am See is closed on Sundays.
  7. Where are we meeting on Sunday?
    We are meeting at the Vienna central train station “Wien Hauptbahnhof” infront of the bakery “Anker”. Our team members will be walking around in EBN Merch to make it easier for you to spot us. You will be informed about the exact meeting point time in an E-Mail.
  1. How do we get there?
    We will arrive by train around 2:00-3:00 PM. If you are arriving later on your own, you need to take a bus from the train station to the hotel on your own.
  2. Can i arrive later?
    Yes. Just please be careful to book the correct ticket for the Trip with “own departure”.
  3. When are we leaving on Wednesday?
    We are leaving on Wednesday afternoon. There are two trains leaving around an hour or two apart. You will be able to choose on Tuesday which train you want to take.
  1. Where will we live?
    We will live in the Hotel “Hotel Der Schütthof”.
  2. How will the rooms look like?
    The rooms are given away by the “first come, first serve” rule.

    There are rooms for 2,3 and 4 people. You will get an e-Mail and we will inform you when you can send us your roommate preferences. You CANNOT change roommates after sending your preferences! If you don’t have a roommate we will assign you a room (gender separated).

  3. Can i party at the hotel?
    No! Room parties are strictly forbidden.

  4. What meals are included?
    There will be Dinner on Sunday, besides that there is Breakfast and Dinner buffet on Monday and Tuesday and Breakfast on Wednesday.

  1. Do I need to pay in Cash?
    Yes, unfortunately you can only rent the things with cash.
  2. Should i bring my skis with me?
    You can but you dont need to. There is a ski rental place at our hotel.
  3. Can i rent a snowboard?
    Yes you can also rent a snowboard and snowboard shoes at the ski rental.
  4. ⁠Can i rent gloves/goggles/ski clothes there?
    No. You can “only” rent skis, snowboards, skiing sticks, skiing shoes, snowboard shoes and helmets.
  1. My friends are staying on their own, can they still come to the parties or to the club?
    Of course. Just email the Head of EBN at Maty.krawczyk@oeh-wu.at and we will figure something out together,
  2. What if I don’t have a costume for the theme party?
    If you don’t have a costume for the party, you will get a penalty shot at the entry 🙂
  1. Should I buy insurance?
    Yes please. Neither we nor the organizer of the trip are in any way liable for accidents or other damage occurred during the trip and also not for any damage or punishable act caused by the participant. Every participant is responsible for him- / herself. Participation is at your own risk. We also exclude any liability concerning lost or stolen baggage and / or valuables. Furthermore, it’s up to the participant to make sure he / she is adequately insured.
  1. How many days of skiing are included?
    You can choose between a 2 day or a 3 day skipass. The 2 days of skiing are possible Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday. The 3 day skipass is for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. When can i start skiing?
    You can start skiing on Monday and you can go as early as you want to, but not before 8:30 AM because that’s when the lifts open.
  3. Where do I get my skipass from?
    You will get it from an EBN Team member at the check-in at the hotel. If you are arriving late you can pick it up at Dinner or at breakfast the next morning.
  4. Can I go and not ski?
    Of course! You can choose the ticket option without a skipass and then enjoy the wellness area and Zell am See during the day and party with us during the evening.
  5. Where will we be skiing?
    On Monday and Tuesday we will ski in two different areas (if the weather is good). On Wednesday you can decide by yourself where you want to go. More information to the exact skiing areas will be in the booklet that you will receive sooner to the beginning of the trip.
  6. Can i go, if i never have skied before?
    Yes of course. There will be a skiing course for beginners.
  7. Will there also be a snowboarding course?
    No. We will only offer skiing lessons.
  1. Will there be lunch on Sunday?
    No. On Sunday there will be Dinner buffet at the hotel at around 6:00 PM, so please take enough food for the train ride and to not be hungry until the evening.
  2. Is there a grocery store in Zell am See?
    Yes there is a SPAR grocery store right next to the hotel but please keep in mind its closed on a Sundays.
  3. Are there Restaurants in Zell am See?
    Yes of course. If you are not skiing you can go out for lunch.
  1. What are the prices on the mountain?
    One beer and one Spritzer are each around 6 Euros. One meal (eg. Burger) is around 15 Euros.
  1. Is there a gym?
    No but there is a sauna 🙂
  2. Can we go inside the sauna with clothes on?
    No, you may only enter the sauna with a towel wrapped around you. It is recommended that you have a second towel to lie underneath you in the sauna.

For cancellations and general concerns please write an email to zell@oeh-wu.at.

If you want to bring a person who is taking your spot it ́s only possible 7 days before the trip starts. In this case you must send an email to zell@oeh-wu.at with your full name, e-Mail Address and phone number AS WELL as the full name, e-Mail Address and phone number of the person taking your spot.

With the so called “KlimaTicket”, which you will find as an option at the shop page, it is possible to use most public transport services in Austria for one year. As it is for one year and way more expensive than other tickets, most of you probably don’t have it as exchange students.
Please be careful while booking the Zell am See trip ticket!

The Standard ticket option includes:

-The train ride from Vienna to Zell am See on Sunday and back to Vienna on Wednesday
-A shuttle bus from the train station to the hotel in Zell am See and from the hotel to the train station
-Three nights in a 3*** hotel with a wellness area with sauna and steam bath
-Breakfast and dinner buffet in the hotel
-Three times two hours of all you can drink in the hotel and unforgettable theme parties in the evening
-On top of that it also includes a shuttle bus from the hotel to the club and back to the hotel at night as well as the club entry
-And last but not least a three day ski pass that you will get upon arrival.